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A View Outside

UX/UI Design | 2021
UX/UI Designer

A View Outside is a video sharing website for Taiwanese, who are experiencing lockdown, to share their views from their windows with each other and leave a message to express their feeling.

In 2021, Taiwan is battling against a new wave of COVID pandemic, and people are forced to stay at home. A lot of people started to have depression because of losing freedom of going out. Inspired by Window Swap, a window sharing project by Sonali Ranjijt and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, we would love to invite Taiwanese people to share the views from their windows. When people enter the website, they can enjoy the footage from others, and feel supported and accompanied by other people's message.

In this project, I designed the interface of this website, including responsive design for mobile and tablet, interaction animation, and visual elements.

Check out the website here

A screenshot of the website. the background image is a room with plants, windows, chair and some smoke from the agarwood.
a screenshot of the website, the background image is backyard with trees, plants, and fences.
Desktop version of the website
A screenshot of desktop version of the website, and the pop-up window is showing up on the right side of the page.the mockup of mobile version of the website. The background image is a scene from the floor of balcony, and a building across the street.
Mobile version of the website
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